WEEK OF MARCH 14tth, 2016


Reading: pp 338-352 for Thursday, March 17th.

Assignment: You are to investigate the digital divide in the world by researching two countries. Go to the P3 Global Interactions
link and click on the "Changing Space" topic. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see the attachment to download. Once you have done the research, answer the questions which follow. This is due on Monday, March 14th.

Reading: pp 322-337 for Thursday, March 10th

Reading : pp 338-352 for Tuesday, March 15th

Assignment: Go over the case study on the Colorado River. 1. Take notes on the international aspect of the conflict over freshwater resources; 2. Sumarize the costs and benefits of the exploitation of the Colorado river. This is due on Friday, March 4th.

Reading: pp 316-321 for Monday, March 7th.

Homework: complete the following exercises: p. 129 (a, b, c) for Tuesday, February 23rd. completed

Written assignment for Tuesday, January12th: page 113 questions a,b,c completed

Case Study Assignment Research:
Using your internet research skills, write a case study of one river flood. Describe and explain the natural and/or human factors which caused this flood. Evaluate the floodplain management strategies implemented in your chosen river area.
Make sure you reference the information you give and include a brief bibliography. due: Tuesday, January 19th. completed

On Tuesday, November 24th, a test will be held on Paper 1 Sections A and B. Section A will consist of three short structured questions on Environmental Quality and Sustainability. Section B will consist of two essay questions. You choose one. One will focus more on Disparities in wealth and development and the other will focus more on Environmental Quality and Sustainability. However, you must be aware that the essay questions could cover more than one of the core themes. COMPLETED

ASSIGNMENT: Activity on Semboja Lestori Project (due on Friday, November 13th) completed

FOR TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3RD: Try to make sense of the Yellow River soil degradation case study: Using a named and located example, discuss the management of soil degradation. completed

ASSIGNMENT: Research the disparities of a chosen country (see below): Due; September 24th. completed

Quiz on Paper 1, Section A Disparities in wealth and development on Monday, October 5th. completed