Reduction in friction of distance

How has the friction of distance between reduced between London and Edinburgh between 1658 and 1950?

1658 - 20,000 minutes by stage coach
1770 - 6,000 minutes by stage coach
1820 - 2,700 minutes by stage coach
1950 - 200 minutes by plane

Time-space convergence



How the world was connected - BBC News Technology

Time-space convergence and shipping. Check out this presentation.

Changes in speed and capacity of transport types

Global transport - GATW

How has air transport changed over time? Check out this presentation.

Assignment: Examine the relative changes in the speed and capacity of two types of transport in the flow of goods, materials, and people.

Changes in the extension and density of networks

- The internet

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from JESS3 on Vimeo.

Mapping the growth of the internet, Internet diffusion - Iceland

What is the role of ICT in civil society and in the transmission of the flow of ideas, information and finance?

Social media and terrorist groups - the downside of ICT and civil society

Case Study example: The role of social media during the Arab Spring:

Africa's mobile web explosion, The 'infoladies' of Bangladesh, Hazard e-waste , Giving a voice to India , Brazil online in shanty towns , Social networks in Haiti , The doctor is only SMS away ,

ICT in Civil Society

Comparison of mobile phone use in two countries of contrasting development

Mobile phones

Attached you will find a list of ICT indicators. Take a look at it and then do the questions which follow:

What are the benefits of mobile phone use in developing countries?

Mobile phones reach Uganda's villages, In rural Africa, a Fertile market for mobile phones, Mobile Money Transfers Uganda

Assignment: Write a two-minute speech on the following: "ICT has many beneficial roles in our shrinking world".