DISASTER: A major hazard event that causes widespread disruption to a community or region that the affected community is unable to deal with adequately without outside help.

HAZARD: A threat (whether natural or human) that has the potential to cause loss of life, injury, property damage, socio-economic disruption or environmental degradation.

HAZARD EVENT: The occurrence (realization) of a hazard, the effects of which change demographic, economic and/or environmental conditions.

RISK: The probability of a hazard event causing harmful consequences (expected losses in terms of deaths, injuries, property damage, economy and environment)

VULNERABILITY: The susceptibility of a community to a hazard or to the impacts of a hazard event.

  1. Earthquakes

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Plates and their boundaries

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  1. Hurricanes, GATW

  2. Droughts, GATW

  3. Technological hazards, GATW

Hazards & Disaster

Risk Assessment and response

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Hazard event

Responses to hazards

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