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The purpose of this Geography wiki is to assist students in their learning of the IB Diploma Programme Geography syllabus.


March 2016
We have a created a new UWCM Geography website (thanks to Rumen Kotsev!); This will replace the current Geography wiki. This new website will make it easier for you to navigate and to prepare for the upcoming May exams.

Click HERE to access the new website.

January 2016

Dear Geography students in DP2,

I hope you had a good vacation and that you enjoyed yourself with family and/or friends. I also hope you were able to relax and renew your energy and enthusiasm. These will definitely help you get through the last few months of the IB Diploma Programme and complete this Geography syllabus successfully.
We still have a bit to do before we can say that we have finished the syllabus. As you know, at the end of January we will begin our mock examinations which will give you a good idea of what to expect in the examinations in May. You will be getting two fullfledged examination papers: Paper 1 (core syllabus) and Paper 2 (optional themes of Leisure, Sport & Tourism, Urban Environments, and Freshwater issues and conflicts).
In the two weeks prior to the mocks and two weeks after the Carnaval break, we will complete the optional theme of Freshwater issues and conflicts. This theme combines physical geography together with the human management of a physical environment which is a recurring theme in Geography.
From mid February until mid April, we will focus wholly on the HL extension theme of Global Interactions. We hope to relate this theme to other topics covered in the course so that we can make connections and use our current knowledge in order to better understand this theme. This will lead to an extra examination paper (Paper 3) whereby you are required to write one essay in one hour. The essay questions often ask you to explain, discuss, and evaluate the various global interactions which make up our world today.
Intermittently, we will be doing some revision by working on some past papers.

Additionally, it is important to take the initiative and begin revision early. There are many places on the internet to go to for revision; the wiki and geographyalltheway are two good starting points. But don't forget the textbook which is a good foundational resource for you to fall back on.

Finally, make sure you have a wide range of case studies and examples that you can use. This is necessary so that you are prepared for all kinds of questions and issues. These will be especially important in the essay questions. Remember that essay questions will also ask you to look at both sides, to bring forth an argument, and to evaluate based on your evidence. These are important aspects of the Geography assessment criteria.

Don't hesitate to ask questions in class if you do not understand. You will not only be helping yourself but the class since, if you don't understand, there will surely be others who don't understand as well.

Good luck!

Best wishes,

Maurice Tonnaer

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